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A Pale Ale with moderate malty flavour and sweetness. Four different
hop varieties are used to create a distinct tropical and citrus aroma.
Generous quantities of Cascade, Chinook and Pacifica hops are added during
the brewing to provide a Grapefruit, Lychee, Orange, Pine and citrus backbone
to the beer.

After fermentation it is then dry hopped with Australian Galaxy hop
flowers. These flowers impart fresh passionfruit aromas that give the overall
flavour of the ale a clean tropical feeling.

ABV – 4.3%, Bitterness – 25, IBU. Colour 10 EBC
Tropical Pale Ale
A blonde malt ale with a natural citrus taste and a hint of
sweetness specially brewed with calamansi lime and pandan leaves.

Utterly refreshing with grilled meats, salads and spicy dishes.

The perfect Asian craft brew.

Ingredients: Barley Ale malt, malted wheat, Hersbrucker hops,
Motueka hops, crushed calamansi, pandan leaf and Ale yeast.

ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 15
Colour: 7
Singapore Blonde Ale
Six different malts are used in this brew along with English ale yeast.
These malts create a complex array of flavours including chocolate,caramel,
coffee and nuttiness. This ale has good body giving it a malt sweetness that
accentuates the traditional noble and new world cross breed hops from
New Zealand.

A proper pint.

IBU: 24
Colour: 50
OG: 1.0523
Irish Ale
Maris otter ale malt provides a distinct malt flavour and mouth feel for this
medium bodied IPA. New world hops are added at four different stages
of the brewing process. Heavy dry hopping using Cascade and Pacifica hops
on the fifth day of fermentation provides a pronounced citrus, grapefruit
and orange aroma.

A sessionable, naturally carbonated Fresh IPA.

IBU: 38
Colour: 26.5
OG: 1.0563
Summer IPA
Classic German noble hops are the backbone of this highly drinkable lager.
Bohemian lager yeast and Munich malt creates a crisp malty unfiltered
craft lager. Low to medium body and bitterness with a clean aroma.

The conversation starter… best enjoyed at any time of the day.

IBU: 21
Colour 9.5
OG: 1.039
Bohemian Lager
The international Wit! Brewed with traditional Belgian Witbier yeast,
New Zealand Wakatu hops, Curacao orange peel and coriander to deliver
a refreshing flavour. This unfiltered Witbier has a natural cloudiness and
a smooth white head.

A highly drinkable blanc beer… try ‘The Wit’ with a slice of orange.

IBU: 13
Colour: 5
OG: 1.0452
Belgian Wit


Brewing local since 2006

Singapore’s Archipelago Brewery has been brewing local craft beers with passion and purpose since 2006. Our internationally acclaimed brew masters, of past and present, have delivered outstanding award winning craft beers.

All our beers are individually hand-made with only the freshest, quality ingredients and cared for like it was dairy milk. We do not pasteurize and all Archipelago craft beers are proudly produced 100% natural and pure.

From brewery to your door, our craft brews are kept consistently refrigerated. Cheers!

From Archipelago Brewery, Singapore’s Craft Brewery

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Our Pilot Brewery

Our pilot brewery experiments on every second Monday.
Small batch brews of about 200 litres.

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